Jan 27 2017

We’re on a roll!

We are finishing up a couple new tunes. We have two more that should be out in short order. Here’s the latest. This is the first song written by one of our lead guitarists, Joe. We’re really proud of it, and him! Hope you enjoy!

Here’s our latest original tune. We used a Gretsch resonator on it and we’re really happy with the result. Enjoy!

Sep 24 2016

Come see us play!

Come watch Naked Singularity play three sets of music with songs from the 60s-00s, both hits and deep cuts, plus a few originals!

Friday, October 28, 8:30 pm at the Old Bowie Town Grille.
8604 Chestnut Ave, Bowie, Maryland 20715

No cover, food & drink available, we have been told it’s an all ages show.

We do have a Facebook event page, so let us know if you’re coming!


NS at Old Bowie Town Grille

Jan 19 2015


We’re a rock band from the Washington, DC area – we also all happen to work at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. We run the gamut professionally from earth to space science.

Despite our band name and our pedigrees, our music is not overtly geeky. It’s actually very 60s and classic rock inspired. We released our first album, “Last Call”, in 2013. We’re currently working on our second one – working title, “Sophomore Slump.” ;)) Actual title is likely to be “Traveling Ground.”

We are currently available for gigs! We were formerly on a hiatus, and spent much of our spare time in the studio, channeling the Beatles, post-1966.

As you might guess, the Beatles are one of our biggest influences. We’re also a fan (collectively) of bands and artists like Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Byrds, Carbon Leaf, Kjetil Linnes, The Grateful Dead (no, we’re not a jam band, though our drummer moonlights in a Dead cover band), Fleetwood Mac, R.E.M., Tom Petty, and Nirvana.

Please feel free to stream our music for free from the website. We have a couple of playlists embedded on our Music page.



Header photo credit: Lee J Haywood

Sep 23 2014

New song – Class 5

This one is written by Kevin, sung by Maggie, and features some instrumentation we’ve never tried before. Rachel Spicknall Mulford plays the cello (and appears courtesy of Dr. Dour and Peach.), and Joe plays the banjo. The song has special meaning for us as well, which I think you’ll understand if you listen. It’s dedicated to the memory of Mary Phyl Simpson, and all who live life like it’s all there is.